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The all-in-one cellular connectivity solution for smart devices

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Catalyst IoT by Airfi Networks is the all-in-one cellular connectivity solution for your smart devices. Whether you’re building a wearable product, a tracking device, home security hardware or anything else that’d benefit from an always-on cellular connection, we can help.

We’ll work to get you setup on the right network and plans, help you with user registration and billing, enable your end users to manage their own accounts, provide you with online account management for all your SIMs through Catalyst Central, and even provide professional services, like support for you and your end users.

It’s the quickest way to get your products connected worldwide.

First, let us show you how we can connect your product to networks all over the world

Wherever you’d like to sell your smart device, we can help you with connectivity and managed service.

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“Catalyst IoT provides a simple mechanism that allows us to activate cellular service plans for partner devices integrated on our platform. In less than three days, we were up and running with a full working app activating service plans.”

Victor Epifani

Catalyst IoT is a product by Airfi Networks