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Here’s what Catalyst IoT can do for you

From launching your first cellular connected device to managing millions of accounts

Need help? We’re here.

Our Global Operations team offer a wide range of services to keep your connectivity business running.

If you just want to keep creating great products, you probably don’t want to go through the considerable time, expense and effort of gearing up to support new, subscription based users.

That’s why we’ve created a wide range of professional services solutions that can do everything from monitoring your network and connectivity and providing second line support.

We can even take over the entire customer journey for you, supporting your end users with first line service and even providing device support for your product – so that you don’t have to do anything you don’t do today.

24/7 proactive monitoring

Our team and tools are monitoring your users experience 24 hours a day – so we’ll know if something has gone wrong often before you do, and we’ll fix it straight away.

We don’t just monitor our website and service tools – we keep track of any network level issues too, raising tickets and chasing updates until everything is back up and running, and keeping you in the loop.

Great documentation, always up to date.

We work hard to keep all of the information and advice you need close by.

A great product isn’t worth anything if you can’t figure out how to use it, so we’ve worked hard to make sure we have brilliant documentation – with images, diagrams and videos to help you, your service teams and your developers understand how everything works.

You can see this in the little things – like the fact that we’ve provided code samples for our API in five different programming languages – and the big ones – like our 20,000 words of reference materials and tutorials.

If we don’t have the answer online, our community might – and there’s even the option to suggest edits to every article without leaving the page.

Expert advice and support

If something does go wrong, you want to know that there’s someone there to help you. You can always reach us by email and we’ve got clear SLAs and guaranteed response times – with a response in no more than two hours, 24/7, for the most urgent issues.

Plus, during your setup and implementation journey, you’ll have a named contact to deal with – they’ve got all of the knowledge and information required to make sure you have as much success as possible with Catalyst IoT, and they’re there to help – not to sell you anything.

Great support for your end users, too

Self-service tools are built straight into Catalyst Fragments and MyCatalyst

Using our self-service tools, you can provide support answers, videos and manuals for download, as well as real-time service status feeds, network coverage and status checkers and contextually appropriate DIY support.

If your users still need help, they can ask questions right in the tool, and we’ll send them to the relevant team along with account information and user details, as well as provide details of the other support you offer.

We’ll do support for you

If you don’t want to do your own support, we can do it for you – by default, we offer managed support for account, network and billing issues through asynchronous chat, and pass device queries to you.

If you’d prefer, we can also setup a semi-dedicated team to do your device support, leveraging our customer service expertise and resources to deliver a low cost outsoured service solution in your name.

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