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Here’s what Catalyst IoT can do for you

From launching your first cellular connected device to managing millions of accounts

Manage your users, devices and products from anywhere

Catalyst Central is the all-in-one control panel for your connectivity business
  • Device and user management
  • Real time reporting with CatalystAnalytics
  • Instant customisation and settings
  • Integrated billing and revenue share details
  • Account wide permissions management

Every user. Every device. One place.

See all of your users and devices across multiple cellular networks and countries in one control panel

Unlike other IoT control panels, we’ve built Catalyst Central around the user – so you can see things like individual users addresses, billing details and invoices alongside their devices. You can even use tools like login as end user to access individual users MyCatalyst accounts from Catalyst Central – great for providing your users with guided support and assistance.

You also don’t have to jump between different instances of Catalyst Central if you use multiple network partners or sell your device in more than one country.

Instead, you’ll have access to everything in one place. That’s less training, less user details and less headaches.


CatalystAnalytics is our real-time reporting and insight tool, accessible right from Catalyst Central. We provide everything from basic reporting – like how many accounts have been created each week to advanced insight into things like how much data your users consume and, when they leave, why they’ve stopped using your product and where they’ve gone.

It’s reporting that reflects your needs as a retailer.

Instant customisation and settings

With Catalyst Central, you’re always in control

Almost every setting and option for how you run your business can be changed at anytime in Catalyst Central.

This includes changing branding settings like how MyCatalyst looks for your users, invoices, bank statement data and emails or creating entirely new Fragments.

You can even change most of your business rules and decisioning in Catalyst Central – all in one place.

Integrated billing

All of your billing and revenue share calculations are available in Catalyst Central – so you don’t need to go elsewhere, wait for a monthly bill or ask us to understand the status of your account.

Instead, everything is available in one place, and you can delegate access to everyone in your company who needs it.

We also provide reporting and full audit trails so you can understand exactly how we’ve calculated your bills and revenue share each month – there’s no confusion or ambiguity.

Account wide permissions management

You’re in control, and free to invite others to help you.

You can share access to your business in Catalyst Central with other members of your team – like your accounts department, marketing team or customer service professionals, without compromising the integrity of your account, thanks to our permissions management functionality.

Everyone gets their own account and password, and you decide what functionality each individual can (and can’t) access – so that your account remains safe and secure, but you don’t have to do all of the work yourself.

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With 24/7 monitoring, great documentation and managed end user support
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Catalyst IoT is a product by Airfi Networks