Gemma Beeharee | 3 Jul 2018

Product Update is our regular update that highlights the recent product improvements and changes we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

What’s new

Languages support, performance optimizations and more

We’ve made a number of substantial updates to Catalyst recently, and adding language support has been a big one.

Other than some routine updates and releases, this is likely to be our last changelog in a while. We’re working in the background on some substantial changes to our systems to make things better and more reliable for you, including new features like real time revenue share.

We’ll have more news on these features in a few months.

Este título está en español

Let’s start with something really exciting. We now have full language support available in public preview for Catalyst IoT, so now you can give your users a localised experience across registration, login, Catalyst Fragments, MyCatalyst and our email and SMS alerts.

There’s still a few things for us to polish up before this feature is available for you to switch on yourself in Catalyst Central, so in the meantime, we’re trying something new and making this feature available in public preview.

For now, only Spanish is available, and we’ll be adding more languages based on customer demand. Coming soon… French, German and Italian too!

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