Launch of the iGPS Wizard!

Dariush Zand | 30 Nov 2018


Airfi Networks and iGPS are excited to announce the launch of the Wizard connected smartwatch for children, in the United Kingdom with network services provided by Gamma Telecom.


The iGPS Wizard watch is a patented, award-winning, durable smartwatch designed specifically for use by children with all the tools, features and functions thoughtfully prepared for parents. The most advanced smartwatch for children focuses on delivering safety, communication and good habit – forming features families are excited to use. Together with its mobile companion app, iGPS delivers a user friendly interface, out of box customer experience, two-way calling, texting, wearing sensor technology and the most accurate indoor/outdoor GPS location services. A child is never lost thanks to the product’s unique “Take me Home” feature that provides a step by step directional guide for children to find their home if lost, or a nearby point of safety.

“We’re delighted to announce the first of many launches of iGPS’ products, connected by Catalyst IoT.” Said Dariush Zand, Chief Commercial Officer, Airfi Networks. “Working alongside our carrier partners, our platform has helped iGPS expand into new countries with a simple out of the box experience for consumers purchasing and managing cellular services.”

Catalyst IoT works with wireless carriers globally, simplifying the way in which cellular connected wearable products are launched, managed and monetized. The unique enablement platform reduces time to market by providing a single solution to manage all retail charging, localization and customer support for consumer IoT propositions.

“Catalyst IoT provided iGPS with an off the shelf solution that has allowed us to enter new markets faster, hassle free and with nearly zero capital investment.” Said Dallas Vasquez, Chief Executive Officer, iGPS Watch. Airfi’s solution helped us grow, without the pains, and achieve scale faster than we would have been able to on our own.”

Visit Amazon UK for more information and to purchase your own iGPS Wizard

One response to “Launch of the iGPS Wizard!”

  1. liam mckenna says:

    What an amazing product, with equal brilliance by Airfi in making this product globally accessible and affordable.
    Every parent would feel more at ease when they could track their child’s location and safety net. Well done the Airfi team.

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