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Gemma Beeharee | 3 Apr 2018

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What’s new

Multiple devices linked to a single email account

We know that when users buy smart devices, they often don’t just buy the one. If they’re buying a smart watch for their child, for example, they might buy one for each member of their flock – or they might want to track multiple items of luggage, or check on more than one room of their house from afar.

That’s why now, one user can have multiple devices. They’ll share things like:

  • Email address
  • User details
  • Payment information

But also keep a separate price plan for each device they own. This also means adding new devices follows a streamlined, quick and simpler registration flow. It’s kind of a big deal.

The good news for you, though, is that implementing it isn’t a big deal at all – as long as you’re already synchronising user details changes with our database using our webhooks and API, you’re already setup for multi-device. Just pass registration details to us as normal, and we’ll automatically handle everything for you. It’s that simple!

So, go forth and multiply (your devices)!

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