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Here’s what Catalyst IoT can do for you

From launching your first cellular connected device to managing millions of accounts

Get your users registered and connected in minutes

Online, in your app, in retail stores or in bulk

User registration for cellular products has always been a big challenge – and even today, most mobile phones and tablets are sold in physical retail stores with an advisor, or over the phone – resulting in high overheads and low satistfaction.

With Catalyst, registration for consumer products can be completed in retail stores in as little as 30 seconds, or users can register at home using a website or your devices companion application. Once your users register, we’ll handle all the invoices and payments.

For business to business propositions, you can activate hundreds of SIM cards at a time, creating individual user accounts for each of them, by uploading a .CSV file in your control panel.

Registration on the web

Let users register online without writing a single line of code

Users can register online in just a few minutes using a website customised for your brand identity. Just direct them to it using a leaflet in the box – there’s no code or integrations required to get up and running quickly.

As soon as registration is complete, the SIM card is activated immediately and service commences straight away – so there’s no waiting for activation – the user can start using your device seconds after opening the box for the first time.

In-app registration

If you’ve got a companion app, you can pass the users details across to us using our API and then register their account in a web view – unlocking access to advanced integrated account mananagement tools with Catalyst Fragments using single sign on – with Seamless Registration Plus.

It’s the fastest way to get your users registered, and because they don’t have to worry about a second account or password, it’s much more seamless, too.

Watch an in-app registration

However your users want to pay, we support it

We’ve integrated all the main payment methods, so users will always have a way to pay

“Catalyst IoT provides a simple mechanism that allows us to activate cellular service plans for partner devices integrated on our platform. In less than three days, we were up and running with a full working app activating service plans.”

Victor Epifani

Activate hundreds of devices in one click

For seamless business to business activation without any admin or waiting around

If you’re selling your smart device to businesses, or using it internally, you might want to register lots of customers in one go. With B2B bulk activation, you can prepare a .CSV file and then activate hundreds of users at once.

Even better, you can give each user their own MyCatalyst account, so they can monitor their usage and allowances without calling your IT service desk or support team.

Next, find out how users can check their usage, manage their account and keep their details up to date without having to get in touch with you

With Catalyst Fragments in your app, MyCatalyst on the web and the Catalyst API
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Catalyst IoT is a product by Airfi Networks