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Here’s what Catalyst IoT can do for you

From launching your first cellular connected device to managing millions of accounts

Self-service account management for all of your users

Save time and money whilst increasing end user satisfaction

Self-service is quickly becoming the channel of choice for users to resolve issues and manage their accounts. Today, 70% of customers expect a company’s website to include a self-service application.

Leading industry analysts predict that by 2020, a customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

With Catalyst IoT’s range of self-service tools, you can integrate account management into your existing companion application, provide service tools through a pre-built website or build your own bespoke solutions using our API.

Catalyst Fragments

Using Catalyst Fragments, you can integrate account management tools into your companion application, deciding exactly which tools to provide to your users.

Because they login with Single Sign-On there’s no passwords to remember and you can make Fragments look like a native part of your app with custom CSS.

Fragments make creating in-app self-service account management quick and easy.

A Fragment for every occassion

Our Fragment library includes all of the self-service tools your users need. Here are just a few.


If you’d rather have us do all the work for you, you can use MyCatalyst – our pre-built account management website which contains a collection of our favourite Fragments.

Users can login to MyCatalyst and manage their account at anytime, and it’s really easy to customise MyCatalyst to suit your brand and design, to create a website that looks just like your existing brand identity.

With MyCatalyst, you’ll reduce queries and increase user satisfaction.

Easy come, easy go New feature

Users can cancel their accounts using our self-service tools which increase retention.

Cancelling cellular and connectivity services has always been one of the most contentious parts of the cellular customer experience, but not with Catalyst IoT.

Your users can cancel online at any time using either our cancellation Fragment or MyCatalyst, with no need to call someone or fill out any forms – but we’ve not lost sight of your business objectives, either, so when users cancel, we try to understand why they’re leaving and provide the right solutions, like a cheaper price plan or help and support.

And if they still leave, exit reasons reporting powered by Catalyst Analytics helps you understand why.

“Catalyst IoT is helping our customers reduce time to market and easily take advantage of our 4G LTE connectivity”

Chris Penrose
President, Internet of Things

Build anything you can imagine

The Catalyst API lets you build bespoke user and account management tools quickly and easily

Whilst we’ve worked to provide as many pre-built tools as possible, we know that there’s so much more you might want to accomplish – so we’ve built a comprehensive and easy to use API.

All the methods are well documented with pre-written code samples in multiple languages, so you’ll be build new things – whether you’re integrating with a CRM or POS system, creating a bespoke app or exporting data for insight – quickly and easily.

100% branded

Everything we send to your users can be branded with your name, logo and brand colours – from the Catalyst Fragments and MyCatalyst website, to the emails, SMS usage alerts and invoices we send out.

We even include your brand on users credit card statements. It’s to make sure that your brand is front of mind, and that your users are confident when using your account management tools.

Next, find out how you can manage your connectivity business, get the latest business insights and help your users diagnose problems

With Catalyst Central, our advanced connectivity control panel
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